Welcome to Nihilistic Poetry, a contemporary poetry blog by Pablo Saborío.

Modern Poetry

This site is dedicated to my poetry, art, and photography; among other productions of despair. Browse below to read my latest poetry both in English and Spanish. On the right side menu you will find my modern art paintings, photography, and existential and nihilistic quotes that have inspired me.

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©2001 – 2014 Pablo Saborío

9 Responses to “Welcome to Nihilistic Poetry, a contemporary poetry blog by Pablo Saborío.”

  1. Hola:

    He agregado tu blog al Directorio de Blogs de Escritores Costarricenses (www.directorioblogscr.blogspot.com)

    Si gustás, podés enviar una nota biográfica y una descripción del sitio.

    El espacio está abierto para colaboraciones (artículos, reseñas, críticas, etc.) Te invito a difundir a la idea y a seguirnos. también hay página en Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/blogsliterarioscostarica).

    Aceptamos quejas, sugerencias, correcciones y demás.


  2. Hola, nice to be here, i like read n wrote the poem too :)

  3. Estoy interesado en seguir tu blog. Pero no encuentro el buton para seguirte. Solamente encontre el buton para tu feed. Tienes plan de poner ese buton?

  4. he Pablo can you please mail me names of good nihilistic and existentialist poets to read through on above email please

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You make me feel like a voyeur… I can’t keep from looking at you, reading you, watching your art and photographs like little pictures inside a beautiful mind spilling all over us… You’re absolutely enchanting and I feel like I should apologize for even saying that. *Don’t worry… I’m NOT a stalker. You’re just really… very much… You and
    It’s hard not to look.

  6. Wow, you have a lot of great work here! I am curious about something. I come from a different worldview; what does personal future look like from the vantage point of nihilism?

  7. Hi Bre, thanks for stopping by. The future in this life does not generally concern me, whatever should happen will happen. I am constantly aware that I will pass away one day and this awareness of mortality confers to the present moment a total and absolute value in relation to time (past or future). I can sincerely say life becomes more intense and infinitely more mysterious when the future is of no concern.

  8. has sido nominado tu blog

  9. to be is less than to be no more , for being is uncertain ,and being no more is definite,

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